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Research Progress
IRSM Signing Science and Technology Cooperative Agreement with ... 13-08-07
Academic Seminar of Slope Engineering Geological Disaster Resea... 13-02-08
IRSM Signing Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with She... 12-10-24
34 Programs of IRSM Supported by National Natural Science Found... 12-09-06
Safe Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste Fly Ash Passing Project ... 12-07-09
Wuhan Branch Foundation Conference and Editing Symposium of STM... 12-02-27
IRSM holding Major Program Initiation Seminar of Soil Mechanics... 11-12-26
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Supporte... 11-10-05
English Version of Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical E... 11-10-05
Railway Passenger Special Line Settlement and Deformation Asses... 11-09-30
The New Ground Stress Test Method Invented by Ge Xiurun Success... 11-09-29
Operation and Maintenance Technology Regulations Standard about... 11-09-23
6 Achievements of IRSM Win Hubei Provincial Science and Technol... 11-09-22
Research Project of Hard-Rock High Press Servo True Triaxial Ap... 11-09-21
IRSM Get Qualification Authentication of Hubei Provincial on-li... 11-09-21
Disaster- Causing Mechanism and Analysis Method of Coal Mine De... 11-09-21
Three Achievement Supported By IRSM Awarded the Second Prize of... 11-09-21
4 Programs Approved by Hubei Provincial Natural Science Founda... 11-09-21
26 Programs of IRSM(Wuhan) Approved by National Natural Science... 11-09-21
Mine-Use Movable Saving Cabin Partly Developed by IRSM Pass App... 11-09-21
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