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IRSM Winning Program Support from Joint Fund of NSFC and Govern... 15-01-02
Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Rank First in... 15-01-02
34 Programs of IRSM Approved by National 14-08-23
CHEN Weizhong Selected as National Outstanding Youth Talents of... 14-05-27
Four Achievements of IRSM Winning 2013 Annual Science and Techn... 14-03-02
Achievements of IRSM Winning Second Prize of 2013 National Scie... 14-01-25
First CCUS Dictionary Published 14-01-14
11 Industrial Standards Compiled by IRSM Approved 13-11-17
Paper from IRSM Selected as Frontrunner 5000 13-11-15
Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Joining Exhib... 13-09-24
Two Researchers from IRSM Selected as Editor of Rock Mechanics ... 13-09-07
Nonlinear and Discontinuous Failure Mechanism and Simulation Me... 13-08-24
Research on Coral Reef Engineering Geology Evaluation and Its E... 13-08-24
Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Selected as T... 13-08-07
Technical Regulation of Domestic Waste Soil Geotechnical Test A... 13-02-06
LI Shaojun Winning The Third Science and Technology Award for Y... 12-12-29
IRSM Passing ISO9001 Quality Recertification Verification 12-12-27
Academician GE Xiurun Winning The Ninth Guanghua Engineering Sc... 12-06-21
 Four Achievements of IRSM Winning Hubei Provincial Science an... 12-06-21
Three Achievements of IRSM Won National Science and Technology ... 12-02-27
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