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Research Divisions
The 6th General Election Meeting of Ground Rock Engineering Com... 15-01-02
The First Working Conference of CTSA-CCUS Held in Beijing 14-03-02
The 13th National Academic Congress on Rock Mechanics Held in C... 13-10-31
Project Establishment of Construction of Solid Waste Safe Dispo... 11-12-23
IRSM Holds Program Start-up Ceremony and Seminar of Slope Engin... 11-12-23
Construction of Hubei Provincial Environmental Geotechnical Eng... 11-09-24
Frame of Research Divisions 09-08-29
Center of Geo-engineering Testing and Measurement 09-08-29
Chinese Research Center of Geotechnical Engineering 09-08-29
Research Center of Energy & Waste Underground Storage 09-08-29
Hubei Geo-environmental Engineering Key Laboratory 09-08-29
State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 09-08-29
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