CAE Strategic Consulting Group Experts Visit IRSM
SKLGME held 2016 academic committee successfully
International Geotechnics Symposium cum International Meeting of CSRME 14th Biennial National Congress Held Successfully in HK
IRSM and BHUT hold Thesis Proposal Defense for United Training Students in 2015
IRSM Signs the Framework Agreement with AUST
Upcoming Events  
(15th IACMAG)15th International Conference of International Association ...
Announcement for the 4th International Workshop on Underground Research ...
CHINA SHALE GAS 2015 – an ISRM specialized international conference
Surface Deformation Monitoring Standard Compilation Team Founding Confer...
IRSM Cooperating with Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group in Techno...
Hot Subject  
Report on Interim Summary For 973 Program Held Successfully
1.jpg   On July 29th, report on interim summary for 973 Program (Earthquake disaster mechanism and aseismic design theory for ... [more]
The Implement Conference of 2015 National 973 Program Earthquake disaster mechanism and aseismic design theory for underground rock engineering in intensive seismic area is held in Wuhan
  On April 23th, the implement conference of 2015 National Basic Research Program (973 Program) of China Earthquake disaster mechanism and aseismic design theory for undergro... [more]
Prof. YUE Zhongqi from University of Hong Kong Visit ... [2017.05.22]
W020170424370023135379.jpg   At the invitation of SKLGME, Dr. YUE Zhongqi, professor of the department of civil engineering at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Canada legal geotechnical engineer, visited IRSM on April 13th, delivered an academic repor...  [more]
ZHA Yuanhong from Hubei Provincial Safety Prodution S... [2017.03.22]
W020170320405939560436.jpg   In order to further improve the level of mining safety supervision in Hubei Province, strengthen the support of local science and technology, Mar. 17th, accompanied by LI Wei (president assistant of CAS Wuhan Branch), chief engineer...  [more]
Int'l Cooperation News  
Researcher XUE Ziqiu and LEI Xinglin Visits IRSM (2017.04.28)
15th IACMAG Attains the Highest Funding of Internatio... (2017.03.09)
Professor Peter Kaiser and Dr. Cai Ming from Laurenti... (2016.10.25)
IRSM Researcher LI Qi attends 43rd IAH International ... (2016.10.11)
International Conferences  
15th IACMAG Attains the Highest Funding of International Co... (2017.03.09)
International Geotechnics Symposium cum International Meeti... (2017.01.11)
International Forum CO2 Geological Storage Geomechanics hel... (2016.06.07)
1st GEOSAFE2016 Held Successfully (2016.06.06)
Research Progress
IRSM Researchers hold Their Position in Three Gorge...
Dr. CHEN Gang from Florida State University Visitin...
Researcher ZHANG Ming from AIST Visiting IRSM
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