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IRSM Signing Science and Technology Cooperative Agreement with Yanbian Yaotian Natural Gas Group
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Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics (IRSM) signs an science and technology cooperative agreement with Yanbian Yaotian Natural Gas Group and Changchun Technology Transfer Center of CAS on July 25. The signing ceremony is hosted by Yanbian Government of Jilin Province and Changchun Branch of CAS in Yanji. Leaders of Jilin Province, and directors of CAS Changchun Branch, CAS Wuhan Branch as well as reserchers from IRSM are all present at the ceremony. Deputy Director SHENG Qian from IRSM and chairman ZHANG Gang of Yaotian Natural Gas Group sign on the science and technology cooperative agreement.

Before the signing ceremony, researcher CHEN Weizhong and LI Xiaochun from IRSM have a field survey and communication about major key technology developed by Yaotian Natural Gas Group at Hunchun of Yanbian. The survey is organized by Changchun Technology Transfer Center of CAS and Scientific Research Department of IRSM.

The signing of cooperative agreement further establishes the strategic partnership in the cooperation on technology research and application of lowrank coal-bed gas exploitation and industrialization. ZHANG Gang stresses that the cooperation will reinforce the innovative development on coal-bed gas exploitation and new technology, bring good benefit and achievement to the natural gas industry of Yanbian. SHENG Qian points out that the signing of cooperative agreement marks the development of cooperation program; IRSM will take full advantage of this opportunity to promote comprehensive exploitation and usage of Yunchun coal-bed gas with their resource advantages including talent, technology and equipment.

After the signing ceremony, six experts from IRSM has a field research at Yunchun Base of Yaotian Group. The two parties discuss on further plan of the next cooperation step to reinforce their strategic relationship.

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