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Research Progress
IRSM research works serve the construction of energy storage in... 10-07-19
IRSM research achievement serves the construction of Wuhan-Guan... 10-01-26
Slope safety control during mining below a landslide 09-08-28
Numerical Investigation of Joint Effect on Shock Wave Propagati... 09-08-28
Formulation of capillary hysteresis with internal state variables 09-08-28
Simulation of the rock microfracturing process under uniaxial c... 09-08-28
Numerical simulations of Class I and Class II uniaxial compress... 09-08-28
Mechanism of Geogrid Reinforced Soil at Bridge Approach 09-08-28
Linear viscoelastic behavior of porous media with non-uniform s... 09-08-28
Scattering of elastic wave by a partially sealed cylindrical sh... 09-08-28
Theory and practice concerning classification for expansive soi... 09-08-28
The interaction of doubly periodic cracks 09-08-28
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