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2013 Academic Committee Meeting of SKLGME Held
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On Dec 29, 2013 Academic Committee Meeting of State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering(SKLGME) is held in Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics(IRSM) in Wuhan.

Director LI Haibo from IRSM gives a welcoming speech at the beginning of the meeting. Director FENG Xiating of SKLGME delivers a report introducing scientific research projects and progresses, talent introduction and cultivation, academic communication and open operation in 2013. He also reports on partial research progresses in four research directions, including Nonlinear Mechanical Properties and Multiphase Coupling Theory of Rock and Soil Media, Large-scale Numerical Simulation and Intelligent Analysis Method of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Multi-scales Experimental Method and Digital Monitoring Technology of Rock Soil Mass, Control Technology and Interaction Characteristics of Rock Soil Mass and Engineering Structure.

Achievements of SKLGME are fully affirmed by the academic committee, members of the academic committee believes that SKLGME makes significant research progresses in the application of 3D in-situ stress measurement, continuous and discontinuous numerical simulation of rock mass deformation and failure, and numerical manifold method. Some achievements are highly evaluated by international academic peers, the successful application of in-situ logging robots has reached international leading level.

The academic committee gives two suggestions to the development of SKLGME. Firstly, the laboratory should emphasize on international academic frontier problems and obtain more significant achievements in scientific problems in major national projects. Secondly, basic researches should be strengthened to obtain breakthrough achievements in basic theory of rock and soil mechanics.



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