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Research Progress
IRSM Publication Featured as Key Scientific Article by Advances... 22-05-20
Researchers propose the Equivalent Mechanical Strength Model of... 21-10-27
A summary on scientists’ study of the particle shape of soil 21-10-09
Why is it more difficult to fracturing deep buried shale gas re... 21-10-08
How Does Carbon Dioxide Drive Geyser? 21-10-08
How Microhetergeneity of Mineral Grains Determines the Rock Str... 21-04-30
Aseismic issues on underground rock engineering 18-03-05
Mining-induced ground deformation in tectonic stress metal mines 17-06-26
IRSM Researchers hold Their Position in Three Gorges Project in... 16-03-02
Dr. CHEN Gang from Florida State University Visiting IRSM 16-08-26
Researcher ZHANG Ming from AIST Visiting IRSM 16-07-05
Professor Benoit Noetinger Visiting IRSM 16-06-13
Yang Lanqiang Won the Excellent MA Theses in Hubei Province 2015 16-03-21
IRSM Signing Strategic Collaborative Agreement with Sichuan Ins... 15-06-09
Period of Validity of Design Qualification Extended to 2018 15-06-10
IRSM Passed Hubei Provincial Validity of Foreign Experts Employ... 15-06-02
IRSM Signing Framework Agreement with Nantong Huineng Electric ... 15-06-09
IRSM Passing 2013 Repair and Purchase Project Check and Acceptance 15-02-02
IRSM Signing Framework Agreement of Collaborative Innovation wi... 14-11-21
Expert Review Conference for Technical Regulation Held in Hefei 14-07-05
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