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Four Achievements of IRSM Winning 2013 Annual Science and Technology Award of Hubei Province
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The 2013 Annual Science and Technology Award Conference of Hubei Province is held in Wuhan on Feb 25th. Leaders from Hubei provincial government are present at the conference, more than 200 participants from universities, scientific research institutes and large-scale companies are all present at the conference.

The research project, High Slope Dynamic Intelligent Optimization Design Method and its Application in Engineering, wins the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award; Salt Mine Solution Mining and Surface Subsidence Disaster Evaluation Technology of Underground Storage Group, and Safety Assessment and Early-warning Technology of Overlying Strata and Building During the Construction Period of Shallow Underground Project, another two research projects IRSM in charge of, win the Second Prize. The project, High Way Landslide Geological Hazard and its Treatment Technology of Liangyun Fault Zone, wins the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award.


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