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Int'l Cooperation News
Professor Olafkolditz from Helmholtz Centre Visiting IRSM 16-04-05
Professor Pan Pengzhi Attending the 8th Workshop of DECOVALEX-2... 15-10-28
Nicolas Taillefer from French Geological Survey Visiting IRSM 15-10-22
Senior Research Officer José Muralha from LNEC Visiting IRSM 15-10-19
Researcher JIAO Yuyong is Engaged as Editorial Board Member of ... 15-07-09
Researcher Li Xiaochun from IRMS won 2015 DOE Fossil Energy Award 15-06-10
The 2nd Youth Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering Held 15-01-02
Second Workshop of Multi-field Coupling of Unconventional Natur... 15-01-02
First Master Class of Unconventional Natural Gas Development Ro... 15-01-02
CAGS Workshop Held in Wuhan 14-11-22
Joint R&D Center for Rock and Soil Technology Established by IR... 14-11-21
LI Xiaochun Attending CERC-ACTC Bilateral Conference 13-11-17
Doctor Don White from Geological Survey of Canada Visiting IRSM 13-10-31
Symposium of Doctor Mark Randolph Held by IRSM 13-10-12
President of Vietnam Society of Rock Mechanics Visiting IRSM 13-07-11
FENG Xiating Attending SINOROCK 2013 13-07-11
Professor GE Maochen from Missouri University of Science and Te... 13-05-20
FENG Xiating Attending the 7th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium i... 12-11-22
IRSM Sign Memorandum of Cooperation with Indonesia Geotechnical... 11-09-24
Researcher Li Qi Attend 2011 CSLF Technical Group Meeting in Ca... 11-09-24
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