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Nicolas Taillefer from French Geological Survey Visiting IRSM
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From Oct 13rd to 16th, Nicolas Taillefer from The BRGM's Department of Risks and Prevention, visited Geological sequestration of CO2 research team in IRSM, discussed about collaborative interaction, and goes on a field trip for Ordos Shenhua CCS.

This communication activity was determined in last year when Reseacher Li Qi visited BRGM. During the meeting, Researcher Li Qi arranged and designd the next step cooperation. Nicolas Taillefer gived a report with the title BRGM's activities in the fields of CCS and underground storages. After the meeting, Li Qi led the French scholar visiting CCS related labs, and introduced formation and planning of CCS laboratory.

From 15th to 16th, accompanied by Researcher Li Qi, Nicolas Taillefer had carried on a field trip for Ordos Shenhua CCS, and showed a keen interest to self intellectual property monitoring equipment. At the scene of the investigation, Nicolas Taillefer also communicated with related staffs from Shenhua Ordos branch's department of technology and China geological survey.

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