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Senior Research Officer José Muralha from LNEC Visiting IRSM
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From Sep 18 to 26, Senior Research Officer José Muralha from LNEC (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) and Dr. Margarida Espada visit IRSM, and go on a field trip to Baihetan hydropower station.

On Sep 18th, focusing on the collaboration research for open-end fund, Director-General Feng Xiating and Researcher Jiang Quan have in-depth communication, and arrange the two-month cooperation agenda for Espada. After the meeting, Director Feng Xiating leads José Muralha and Margarida Espada to go visiting the Labs, and introduces the general situation of SKLGME.

From Sep 19 to 23, Accompanied by Researcher Jiang Quan, Researcher Muralha and Dr. Espada go on a field trip to Baihetan hydropower station, and have a meeting discussion for open project with China Three Gorges Corporation, determine the research goals and method.

On Sep 25th, Senior Research Officer José Muralha and Dr. Margarida Espada visits IRSM and deliver report with the title Safety Assessment of Failure in Dam Foundations Using 3DEC Models. Researcher Jiao Yuyong hosts the report. Researcher José Muralha uses 3DEC simulate the FozTua arch dam in initial stress field, gravity loads of arch dam and the deformation of arch dam which is under hydrostatic pressure characteristics, and evaluates the dam safety in the construction process. Dr. Margarida Espada also introduces the discontinuous structure surface in details, and has discussion with scholars. In addition, Researcher José Muralha also introduces the related research work and experiments of LNEC, and encourage the researchers to visit.


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