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Int'l Cooperation News
15th IACMAG Attains the Highest Funding of International Confer... 17-03-09
Professor Peter Kaiser and Dr. Cai Ming from Laurentian Univers... 16-10-25
IRSM Researcher LI Qi attends 43rd IAH International Congress 16-10-11
IRSM Gets 26 NSFC Programs in 2016 16-09-08
IRSM Researcher LI Qi attends 43rd IAH International Congress 16-10-11
Dr. CHEN Gang from Florida State University Visiting IRSM 16-08-26
Chief Editor of Journal of Cleaner Production Professor Don Hui... 16-07-11
Researcher ZHANG Ming from AIST Visiting IRSM 16-07-05
Professor Benoit Noetinger Visiting IRSM 16-06-13
Dr. Shimin Liu from The Pennsylvania State University Visiting ... 16-06-01
Academician Singh from Indian institute of technology Visiting ... 16-05-11
Professor John P. Cater from Newcastle University Visiting IRSM 16-04-22
Professor Chandrakant S. Desai from The University of Arizona V... 16-04-21
Professor Olafkolditz from Helmholtz Centre Visiting IRSM 16-04-05
Professor Pan Pengzhi Attending the 8th Workshop of DECOVALEX-2... 15-10-28
Nicolas Taillefer from French Geological Survey Visiting IRSM 15-10-22
Senior Research Officer José Muralha from LNEC Visiting IRSM 15-10-19
Researcher JIAO Yuyong is Engaged as Editorial Board Member of ... 15-07-09
Researcher Li Xiaochun from IRMS won 2015 DOE Fossil Energy Award 15-06-10
The 2nd Youth Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering Held 15-01-02
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