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Doctor Don White from Geological Survey of Canada Visiting IRSM
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On Oct 24, Doctor Donald White from Earthquake and Electromagnetic Department of Geological Survey of Canada visits IRSM and has academic exchange with researchers. Doctor White makes an academic report on Experiences and Lessons from Engineering of Boundary Dam in Canada. Researcher LI Qi and other members from CO2 Aquifer Storage Studying Team of IRSM are present at the exchange meeting.

Doctor Donald White is a scientist from Earthquake and Electromagnetic Department of Geological Survey of Canada, he graduated from University of British Columbia with his Doctor’s Degree. Donald has long been engaged in the theory and application research on metal deposit earthquake exploration, and CO2 geological storage and monitoring.He has worked as a member of LithoProbe Plan Technology Committee, Chairman of LithoProbe Earthquake Committee and Chief Scientist of West Superior Lake section Project of LithoProbe Plan. Don also worked as Vice Editor of Geological Society of America Bulletin. In recent years, Doctor White begins in the research on CO2 geological storage, geophysical and geochemistry monitoring, he works as the chief researcher in many CO2 geological storage projects, and serves as technology instructor in CO2 research projects in organizations from home and abroad. Doctor Donald White makes more than 140 academic reports and publishes more than 40 papers.


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