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IRSM Researcher LI Qi attends 43rd IAH International Congress
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From Sep. 25th to 30th, SKLGME Researcher LI Qi attends 43rd IAH International Congress, which was held in Montpellier, France. The topic of this congress is Groundwater and society: 60 years of IAH. 

At the invitation of BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières), Researcher LI Qi attends this congress, and delivers an academic report in 5.05 break-out rooms. The title of his first report is Multilevel U-tube monitoring of shallow aquifers for CO2 geological storage at the Shenhua CCS demonstration site in China. It focuses on the research and development for shallow aquifers monitoring equipments in Shenhua CCS demonstration site, integration of water-gas sampling and monitoring results. The title of his second report is The next generation of CO2 enhanced water recovery (CO2-EWR). It mainly introduces the characteristics of next generation of CO2-EWR, the potential target areas and environmental challenges in China, he points out the shortcomings of carrying out the CO2-EWR in Bohai Bay. The reports not only causes the strong interest of relevant experts, also further expands the research team's international influence to grasp the CCS subject international research frontiers. 

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