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Professor Peter Kaiser and Dr. Cai Ming from Laurentian University Visiting IRSM
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On Oct. 9th to 20th, Professor Peter K. Kaiser, who is distinguished scientist of CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI), CAE Fellow, Laurentian University honorary professor, and Professor CAI Ming who is also from Laurentian University, visit IRSM and SKLGME. This exchange visit lasts two weeks.

From 10th to 11th, Professor Kaiser and Professor CAI Ming listen to the report which is about China Jinping Underground Laboratory (CJPL) and its geological conditions, and the related reports about disturbance stress monitoring and rockburst.

From 12th to 14th, following the lead of Researcher LI Shaojun and related director of Yalong River Hydropower Development Company LTD., Prof. Kaiser and Prof. CAI Ming visit hydropower station dam and plant of Jinping-I Hydroelectric Project, power tunnels of Jinping-II and CJPL. Last, they carry on the spot investigation and communication for the underground laboratory conditions and rockburst hazard.

From 15th to 19th, Prof. Kaiser delivers the report with the title Underground Rock Engineering to Match the Rock's Behavior, to exchange the views for preliminary study and spot investigation of CJPL. Meanwhile, director FENG Xiating awards the certificates for distinguished scientist of CAS PIFI to Prof, Kaiser. He is rewarded in recognition of his service for CAS international academic exchanges and research. In addition, Prof. CAI Ming delivers academic reports with the title Estimation of Tensile Strength and Hoek-Brown Strength Parameter mi of Brittle Rocks and Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Modeling using MoFrac, and has discussion and direction for CJPL rockburst monitor, and introduces the brittle rock tensile strength and strength parameters evaluation.

The visit of these two Canada's experts help lab to have systematic pectination and direction of CJPL rockburst identification, the supporting design and other related research. It injects new research ideas and methods, also plays an important roles to further promote lab in deep research in the field of rock and soil mechanics and engineering.

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