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Professor Musharraf Zaman from University of Oklahoma Visits IRSM
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Aug 1st-2nd, at the invitation of SKLGME, Musharraf Zaman, Chief Editor of International Journal of Geomechanics, Executive Vice President and Secretary of IACMAG, winner of Outstanding Contribution Award of IACMAG, Professor of University of Oklahoma, visited IRSM, delivered an academic report with the title Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities. The report was hosted by Researcher LI Qi.

Pro. Zaman introduced Southern Transport Centre, which was founded jointly by University of Oklahoma and other universities. It is conducting research on innovative technology, materials and methods, to serve the design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of sustainable infrastructure. In addition, he explained the intelligent real-time monitoring for tamping construction quality, rapid and efficient repair, life cycle risk management and associated traffic warning technology in severe weather. He stressed that innovative technologies and practices are important factors in the development and maintenance of sustainable transport infrastructure including bridges, roads, tunnels and slopes, hopes that the researchers will  continue to work on it. Also, Professor Zaman discussed with present scholars and gave pertinent suggestions on the academic paper published on the International Journal of Geomechanics.

After the report, Professor Musharraf Zaman visited SKLGME and its related research results. Meanwhile, the vice director of IRSM, Researcher SHENG Qian met with Professor Zaman, and expressed the hope to further cooperate and communicate with him and his team, establish a long-term partnership. Professor Zaman hoped that the research institutes in China and the United States could complement each other's advantages and contribute to the further development and maintenance of sustainable transportation facilities.

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