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Dr. Daisuke Asahina from Geological Survey of Japan Visits IRSM
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Jun. 20th, at the invitation of IRSM/SKLGME, the winner of open foundation of SKLGME, researcher from Geological Survey of Japan, Dr. Daisuke visited IRSM, and conducted a five-day academic exchange.

Dr. Asahina received his PhD from the University of California Davis Campus in 2011, conducted a postdoctoral study at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from 2011 to 2014. He has some research foundation in hydraulic coupling process, roc mechanics microexperiment and numerical simulation. In 2016, Dr. Asahina obtained the open foundation of SKLGME, he will cooperate with researcher PAN Pengzhi in Permeability evolution under triaxial compression deformation of geomaterials.

Dr. Asahina discussed about the research objectives and content with researcher PAN Pengzhi, also directed the research direction and content of postgraduate students. In addition, he visited laboratories and placed strong expectation on the cooperation of open fund.

Jun. 23rd, Dr. Daisuke Asahina delivered an academic report with the title Hydraulic-mechanical models for fracture development in geomaterials, the meeting was hosted by researcher PAN Pengzhi. Firstly, he gave a brief introduction about the progress of HM model in the research of geomaterials, and showed several typical examples of TOUGH-RBSN module simulation. Then, he explained the experimental phenomena of hydraulic activation induced by true triaxial compression, permeability during fault activation, stress and strain evolution law.

This visit of Dr. Daisuke Asahina has laid a foundation for the cooperative research of the open fund, and is an important manifestation of opening up of the laboratory. SKLGME welcomes domestic and international experts and scholars visit and carry out academic exchanges, so as to promote the development of basic research and application of rock and soil mechanics.

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