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Expert Review Conference for Technical Regulation Held in Hefei
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Expert review conference for Technical Regulation for Foundation Bearing-capacity Detection of Small Constructions in Highway of North Anhui is held in Hefei on June 24. The expert review team consists of experts from governments, universities, institutes and testing centers. The review conference is hosted by Director WANG Neng from Transport Department of Anhui Province.

Doctor LUO Hongming from IRSM elaborates on the compilation background and target; organization and implementation process; framework, contents and application of the Regulation on the conference. After listening to the report from Regulation compliers, experts have further discussion on contents of Regulation and agree that Regulation has reasonable structure, complete content, scientific method and coherence. Experts also put forward some suggestions to specific contents and chapter setting of the Regulation. They point out that the compilation team should summarize research achievements and application experiences to further modify the Regulation.

The compilation team of Regulation consists of Anhui Transportation Investment Group, IRSM, Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute and other companies. According to the geological characteristics in north Anhui, the Regulation is compiled basing on research achievements and engineering experiences in foundation bearing-capacity detection and evaluation of small constructions. It is of great significance to guide and regulation of the foundation bearing-capacity detection in north Anhui.


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