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Professor Benoit Noetinger Visiting IRSM
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In May 26th afternoon, at the invitation of Researcher LI Qi (CCUS Group in IRSM), the Director of Geosciences Division of IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), Professor Benoit Noetinger visits IRSM, and delivers an academic report with the title Toward simplified descriptions of reservoir using quasi steady state storage and connectivity matrix of wells in 3D heterogeneous formations.

In the seminar, Professor Noetinger first introduces the basic situation of IFPEN, starts with the importance of well pattern development in natural gas reservoirs, combining with the problems in the research, he brings up the subject of this seminar's topic - well pattern and optimal design of secondary recovery plan. Then he introduces the basic thinking of multi-scale simulation, and based on the similarity theory, in the case of the unchanged grid number, finish the simplification of dimension, and to a certain extent, retain the model details. After the report, combining with the research direction and interests, teachers and students ask Prof. Noetinger questions. In the face of the students activity, Prof. Noetinger answers in detail. This report not only lets us feel the rigorous scientific attitude of Prof. Noetinger, but also brings us more profound understanding for oil and gas and CCUS.

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