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Researcher ZHANG Ming from AIST Visiting IRSM
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Jun 20th, since International Professionals for the Advancement of Chinese Earth Sciences (IPACES) holds in Wuhan, at the invitation, Researcher ZHANG Ming from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) visits IRSM and delivers an academic report.

Dr. ZHANG Ming is chief scientist of AIST, and lead researcher of geological environment risk assessment team, also he is guest professor of Tohoku University. Dr. ZHANG's research topics includes experimental technology of low permeability material, groundwater pollution monitoring technology of origin of harmful material, such as heavy metal, volatile organic compounds and radioactive waste, environmental remediation technology and the development of risk assessment technology research. His low permeability rock and soil materials theory and experimental results have been recorded in American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), published more than 100 high quality academic papers.

The theme of this academic-exchange is the low permeability rock seepage test method and the international English essay writing skills. Dr. ZHANG explains how to control and evaluate various relevant factors (temperature, sensors, etc.) on the result of the experiment, and ultra-low permeability material permeability/diffusion experiment operation methods and techniques, solves many actual problems for related researchers. Last, combined with the experience, Dr. ZHANG systematically explains the international English paper writing skills.

This academic exchange deepens the relationship between AIST and IRSM, lays a foundation for future long-term exchanges and cooperation.

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