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Yang Lanqiang Won the Excellent MA Theses in Hubei Province 2015
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Informing from Hubei Provincial Department of Education, the 2014 postgraduate student Yang Lanqiang won the Excellent MA Theses in Hubei Province 2015, the title is Particle breakage laws of sericite schist coarse aggregates and the constitutive model. There are 263 papers win this award.

Coarse aggregates are taken place particel breakage easily under high stress, which will be larger influenced on the characteristics of deformation and strength. In order to further understand the particle breakage mechanism, is adoped in different stress path triaxial tests. When triaxial tests are beginning, acoustic emission technology will be used to dynamic monitor the coarse aggregate, to investigate the influence of particle breakage on the strength and deformation. The main new achievements in this paper are as follow:

- Particle breakage leading to shear strength decrease under the high density is higher than the influence of low density samples, and leading to stress-strain curve of two different dry densities intersect somewhere.

- Coarse aggregate has obvious Kaiser Effect.

- The acoustic emission of coarse aggregates is mainly from the particle breakage, silding friction and occlusion friction.

- The particle breakage of sericite schist can divide into two parts: a small number of broken and integrity broken. For the integrity broken may be due to two stress modes.

- This paper proposed the concept of termination gradation curve and a function was used describe grading distribution. In order to reflect the particle breakage rate relative density was put forward here.

- A cohesionless coarse aggregate elastic-plastic constitutive model was set up in this study. It not only considers the impact of dilatancy, but also reflects the influence of particle breakage by the introduction of crushing indicators.

Yang Lanqiang, the class of 2011 postgraduate student. During the study, he published 5 EI in first author, invented 1 utility model patent.


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