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SKLGME held 2016 academic committee successfully
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Jan. 8th 2017, State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (SKLGME) held 2016 academic committee successfully in IRSM. There are more than 40 people attend the meeting, including committee members, IRSM leaders, laboratories and administrative office leaders, discipline directors and researchers. The meeting is presided over by Vice Deputy SHENG Qian and Director XIE Heping.

In the beginning of the meeting, Vice-Deputy (presiding) XUE Qiang represents institute to give a welcome to all the attends, and wish this meeting a complete success.

In the meeting, Director reseacher FENG Xiating delivers 2016 work report, it includes laboratory team construction and talents training, experiment platform construction, scientific research progress, cooperation and exchange, and next plans. Committee members affirm their achievements in 2016, the lab has made a great job this year, makes significant research results, academic committee give full approval to each aspect. Directors and committee members, including Director of the academic committee, academician XIE Heping, and member of committee, academician LI Xiaohong, academician QIAN Qihu, academician ZHENG Shouren, academician ZHOU Fengjun, Professor ZHOU Chuangbin, Professor TANG Huiming, Researcher WEI Yueguang, Professor ZHANG Chunsheng, Professor WU Wanping, Researcher KONG Lingwei, Researcher LI Xiaochun, give various valuable opinions and suggestions for the future development: (1) strengthen basic research and further enhance the original innovation ability, continue to explore the marine geotechnical mechanics and engineering, the environment of landfill soil mechanics and engineering, and other interdisciplinary field, striving to have further breakthrough. (2) compact direction, in the original three research direction, increase two directions ("marine geotechnical mechanics and engineering" and "environment of landfill soil mechanics and engineering"), independent deployment funds, equipment funds concentrate gathering in the main research fields and directions. (3) continue to strengthen major projects application, highlight the theory research and the ability to solve the key technical problems, strive to form a number of systematic technology system for major projects. (4) further intensify their efforts to cultivate and introduce talents, improve the environment for young talents, cultivate young leading talents, strive to cultivate a number of national innovation research team.

Vice-Director Researcher WEI Changfu delivers a report for implement and review of 2016 open fund. In accordance with the result of evaluation, academic committee members score 20 items which are selecting from the top of the evaluation. The meeting passes 15 items, the total amount is 2 million Yuan, is divided into excellent support and key support.

At the end of the meeting, Director FENG Xiating represents SKLGME to thank all committee members for the longtime support and help, next year will relate suggestions and opinions to deployment.


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