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Young Scientist Strategic Forum on Geotechnical Engineering & Hydraulic Structure Makes a Success
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From May 12th to 14th, Young Scientist Strategic Forum on Geotechnical Engineering & Hydraulic Structure held in Hongshan Hotel. There were nearly 90 experts and young scientists attend this forum, they all come from the field of geotechnical engineering and hydraulic structure. The chairmen of this forum were researcher XUE Qiang, professor ZHOU Xiaoping, professor ZHOU Wei, and professor WANG Jingting. The forum was hold in two parallel sessions.

Deputy director of IRSM, XUE Qiang hosted the ceremony and made the opening speech. He pointed out that this forum would focus on three trends of national major projects construction (shift to the west, forward to the deep, target to the ocean and environment), five characteristics (fast, steep, hard, risk, vital), rounded international subject forefront of the 13th Five-Year and national key strategic needs to discuss engineering science and technology of major project construction and implementation, also discuss the funding proposal of this discipline in next 3 to 5 years. He said it was hope to build an academic platform for young scientists and scholars, widen the sight through the communication, established long-term friendship, laid a foundation for future.

Party Secretary and Vice President of Wuhan Branch, CAS, LI Haibo attended the forum and gave a welcome speech. He congratulated to the opening of the forum, welcomed the outstanding experts and scholars to participate in this event. He said in the process of promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, domestic and international young talents gathered in Wuhan, discussed the problems about engineering, it was hope that scientists could inspire each other, seek common development.

Director of Hydro Science and Oceaneering of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), LI Wanhong was invited to attend the event, and gave a speech in opening ceremony. He said NSFC would continue to support and train the young scientists. This forum was creative in organizing, theme setting and discussion ways, especially the discussion seminar. He expected and encouraged young scientists from the needs of national strategy to find and plan the position and research goals for supporting and serving national major projects.

Forum was divided into topic reports and special reports. There were 4 professors delivered topic reports around the main theme of forum, they were Prof. ZHOU Xiaoping (Chongqing University), Researcher XUE Qiang (IRSM), Prof. ZHOU Wei (Wuhan University) and Prof. WANG Jinting. According to these four reports, Researcher WEI Changfu and other 7 researchers had special reports for geotechnical engineering, Prof. LI Xia and other 7 researchers had special reports for hydraulic structure. Young scientists put forward their opinions and questions around the reports, had a heated academic discussion.

The chairman of CSRME, Director of SKLGME, Researcher FENG Xiating had a speech in the closing ceremony. He gave the suggestions for inter-disciplinary of geotechnical engineering and hydraulic structure, also place his hope on the outstanding young researchers.

Researcher XUE Qiang represented organizing committee to have a conclusion. He pointed out this forum had a clear theme, focused topics, deep communication. Domestic and international experts and scholars had a discussion on international frontiers of geotechnical engineering and hydraulic structure, national strategic needs and main science technology. This forum promoted the discipline layout of geotechnical engineering and hydraulic structure, indicated the directions of discipline's innovation, development and technology application. It was hope that this forum could build the stage for inter-disciplinary.

This forum is sponsored by Hydro Science and Oceaneering of NSFC, co-host by IRSM, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and Chongqing University.

XUE Qiang had an opening speech
LI Haibo had a welcome speech
LI Wanhong had a speech
the scene of forum
discussion at the conference
FENG Xiating had a closing speech
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