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IRSM held Forum on Innovation 2035 for Geomechanics and geotechnical Engineering
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On Nov. 10th, Forum on Innovation 2035 for Geomechanics and geotechnical Engineering was held at Hongshan Hotel, Wuhan. This forum is a high-level academic conference which is held on the 60th anniversary of IRSM. The forum attracted the domestic and overseas academicians, experts and scholars from the geotechnical field to attend the conference.

There were a large number of academicians and experts attend the forum and sent the regards by videos, including Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Zuyu, Chen Yunmin, Wei Yueguang, Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Qian Qihu, Ge Xiurun, Zhen Yinren, Gu Jincai, Xie Heping, Zhang Tiegang, Cai Meifeng, Niu Xinqiang, Ding Lieyun, Wang Fuming, Kang Hongpu, Chen Xiangsheng, Zhang Jianmin, Xie Xianqi, Academician of American Academy of Engineering Derek Elsworth, Chairman of Federation of International Geoengineering Societies (FedlGS) Professor Feng Xiating, International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) Professor Charles W.W.NG, Chairman of International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM) Doctor Eda, former Chairman Professor Hudson. Director of S&T Department of Hubei Province Zhang Shengren, deputy director Du Yun, Director of Wuhan Branch, CAS, Yuan Zhiming, Party Secretary Li Haibo, and other institutes of CAS in Wuhan attend the forum. The forum was host by Party Secretary, deputy director of IRSM, Lu Kaiyang.

In the conference, deputy director of IRSM, Sheng Qian read out the congratulatory messages and unit list. This forum received the congratulations and messages from nearly hundred units ISRM, including ISSMGE, CAS, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), China Coal Technology and Engineering Group and others.

Director Zhang Shengren represented S&T Department of Hubei Province to congratulate IRSM that makes great achievements during the 60 years, also thanks IRSM that makes outstanding contributions for Hubei Province. He said, Hubei's science and technology system would create a better environment and condition, S&T Department would support IRSM's innovation and development as always.

Director Yuan Zhimin represented Wuhan brunch to congratulate IRSM celebrates its 60th birthday, and hoped it would inherit and carry forward the noble traditions. seize opportunities, emerge more breakthrough in the aspects of international frontier science and technology, national strategic needs, local economic and social development, cultivate a large number of the scientists and high-level innovative talents. 

Academician Ge Xiurun reviewed the development history of IRSM, and wished institute can keep up the pace, make greater prosperity. Professor Yin Jianhua from HKUST, Vice-president Li Shucai from Shandong University represented alumni to deliver speeches. Professor Charles W.W.NG (President of ISSMGE, HKUST) represented ISSMGE to give a speech, also played the congratulation message from the president of ISRM during the ceremony.

Deputy director of IRSM(presiding) Xue Qiang reviewed the history of the institute in the past 60 years, and look forward to the future. He reviewed the history from the aspects of originality and development in the 60 years, comprehensively reported recent progress from a strategic orientation and innovative results. From the overall deployment to the mission, he schemed the future of IRSM. Also he focused on Pioneer Initiative (PI), IRSM's "One-Three-Five" Strategic Planning, and eight major innovation progress on major engineering disasters, resources and energy, ocean and environment.

Under the witness of the delegates, Academician Qian Qihu, Academician Chen Zuyu, deputy director of IRSM Sheng Qian, Director of Wuhan Library, CAS, Zhang Zhixiong, jointly announced the opening of Information Network of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.

Academician Qian Qihu, Academician Chen Zuyu, Academician Zhen Yinren, Academician Xie Heping, Academician Chen Yunmin, Academician Derek Elsworth, Professor Charles W.W.NG, Professor Feng Xiating and Reseacher Yang Chunhe delivered academic reports respectively. Finally, Sheng Qian made a closing speech.
Scene of Forum
Scene of Forum
Opening of Information Network of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
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