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15th IACMAG Held in Wuhan Successfully
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From Oct.19th to 23rd 2017, The 15th International Conference of International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (15th IACMAG) held in Wuhan. There are more than 500 scholars and experts from over 30 countries attend the conference. They come from China, USA, UK, German, Russia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, Israel and so on. Also there are 4 Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 American Academy of Engineering and Fellow of the Royal Academy of engineering.


IACMAG is the most influential international conference in the field, it holds every 3-4 years. In 1997, the 9th IACMAG held in Wuhan successfully, and achieved great international reputation. In the 14th IACMAG, the team composed of IRSM and the Tsinghua University get the right to host the conference. This conference returns to the same place after 20 years, it is a symbol that the development of computer methods in geomechanics in our country has been widely concerned and fully affirmed by international peers.


The theme of 15th IACMAG is Advances of Computer Methods in Geomechanics, it emphasized the development requirements and the importance of environmental protection of geotechnical engineering. It provides a platform for the exchanges and cooperation with international peers.


The opening ceremony was hosted by Li Haibo, local organizing committee, Secretary of Party Committee, Vice President of The Wuhan Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher of IRSM.


Feng Xiating, the chair of 15th IACMAG, co-chair of IACMAG, director of SKLGME, delivered the opening speech. He extended greeting to everyone attending the conference, it was grateful to IACMAG for choosing us to host this grand international party. He introduced the organising committee and characteristics, and special thanked to the organising committee, international review experts and conference support and sponsors for the hard-working to prepare for this conference. He hopes everyone attending the conference will benefit here.


Qian Qihu, the Academician of Chinese academy of engineering and honorary chair of the conference, delivered a speech, welcomed the IACMAG member, experts and scholars. Academician Qian rounded the development of discipline and engineering application of rock and soil mechanics in China, elaborated the important position of computer method in geomechanics.


Ge Xiurun, the Academician of Chinese academy of engineering and researcher of IRSM, delivered a speech. He said, 20 years ago, in 1997, the 9th IACMAG conference was successfully held in Wuhan. Today, the 15thIACMAG conference comes back to Wuhan, and this is a historical milestone for rock mechanics and geotechnical engineering community in China. He wished  every attendee a pleasant stay in Wuhan, and wished a great success of the 15th IACMAG conference.


John Carter, co-chair of the 15th IACMAG, President of IACMAG, delivered a speech. He thanked for the hard-working on the preparation of the conference, he represented the development of IACMAG and the efforts made by the association for the establishment.


This conference received more than 300 papers, outstanding papers will publish at 6 international academic journals, others will be included by ISTP. 15th IACMAG provided an ideal forum for delegates to review the latest scientific research and exchange new experiences in this field through 14 keynote lectures, 46 invited lectures, 146 oral presentations and 25 poster presentations presented.


The closing ceremony was hosted by Yang Chunhe, researcher of IRSM, vice-director of SKLGME. He said in these 4 days the conference had covered so many important and complex issues in the field of computer methods and advances in geomechanics both in theory and in practice. All the presentations were very illuminating and informative, and the heated session discussions were very stimulating and fruitful. It hoped that this conference would carry the study of computer methods and advances in geomechanics to a new stage, and all conference participants could maintain close contact and cooperation with each other in the field of future research work on computer methods and advances in geomechanics.


In the closing ceremony, John Carter (co-chair of the 15th IACMAG, President of IACMAG), Musharraf Zaman (Executive Vice President of IACMAG) congratulated the success of the 15th IACMAG, thanked the members of the Organizing Committee, the Local Organizing Committee and International Scientific Committee and the brilliant reviewers for their hard work and kind help.


The representative of 16th IACMAG, Macro Barla (associate professor, Polytechnic University of Turin) initiated the invitation, and expected everyone to go to Italy for next IACMAG.


Li Haibo hosted the Opening Ceremony

Feng Xiating delivered Opening Speech

Qian Qihu delivered a Speech

Ge Xiurun delivered a Speech

Xue Qiang delivered a Welcome Speech

John Carter delivered a Speech

Yang Chunhe Hosted the Closing Ceremony

Musharraf Zaman had the Conclusion

The Conference

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