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Rock Nonlinear Fluid-solid Coupling Research Program Passing Appraisal
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The scientific research achievement of IRSM, Rock Nonlinear Fluid-solid Coupling Theory and its Engineering Application, passes achievement appraisal on April 15. The appraisal meeting is organized by Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, 7 experts including professor TANG Huiming and ZHANG Yimin compose appraisal committee. The achievement is jointly obtained by ten partners including IRSM and Southwest Petroleum University.

The research program focuses on injection fluid leakage and casing damage of high pressure water irruption in large scale project construction and resource exploitation. By using technology including nonlinear mechanics, meso-testing, rock mechanics numerical calculation method and physical detection, the research program finds out a set of rock nonlinear fluid-solid coupling theory, technology and method. The research achievement reveals rock deformation and evolution mechanism and law, puts forward evolution theory model of rock nonlinear fluid-solid coupling under hyperosmolarity, and sets up analysis and prediction method of water irruption disaster evolution process.

After listening to the work report and technology report, the appraisal committee checks related documents and come to an agreement that the achievement passes appraisal. The appraisal committee believes that the research achievement is applied to more than 30 major projects successfully. The achievement could be wildly applied to projects in mining, petroleum exploitation, and water conservancy and hydropower fields.


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