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Annual Exchange Conference about Typical Geological Hazard Prediction and Prevention Methods Held in Beijing
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Annual exchange conference about Typical Geological Hazard Prediction and Prevention Methods, the Key Research Program of the CAS, is held in Beijing on March 31. The conference is hosted by ZHANG Hongxiang, Head of Earth Science Department of Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, CAS.

The Key Research Program of the CAS is arranged according to needs of national economy construction, national security and social sustainable development. By focusing on main tasks of Innovation 2020 project of CAS, the Program supports development plans of CAS, solves basic and strategic scientific problems of relevant subjects. With the comprehensive advantages of CAS, the Key Research Program will absorb social resource to promote key scientific and technological research achievements output.

The program Typical Geological Hazard Prediction and Prevention Methods consists of three topics, including Simulation of Dynamic Process and Regulation of Debris Flow, Engineering Slope Earthquake Prevention, and Deep Engineering Disaster Formation Mechanism and Prevention. By revealing dynamic process and rules of geological hazards formation and development, the program aims to put forward hazard precaution and prevention methods, provide theoretic and technology supports to safe construction of key project, safe excavation of deep resource, and disaster prevention.

After listening to the research progress report of the program leaders, 7 members of experts group have a heated discussion about the report. Experts fully affirm the research work and put forward specific suggestions to the program. They hope that the program team will make breakthrough progress and gain outstanding scientific research achievements.


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