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Research Program of Highway Tunnel Geological Forecast Technology Accepted
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Research Program of Geological Forecast Technology of Highway Tunnel in Fujian province passes appraisal on Nov 16, the program is authorized by Fujian Provincial Highway Headquarter and completed by Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics(IRSM). Members from the project team and IRSM are present at the appraisal meeting. Experts from Wuhan University, Institute of Geology and Geophysics (IGG), Tongji University and Fuzhou University attend the acceptance meeting.

Fujian province is in the Wuyi Mountain area of south China, there are many proposed projects and highway tunnels under construction. Considering the complicated geological conditions, the development of highway tunnel geological forecast technology research is essential. According to the geological condition and construction requests of highway tunnel in Fujian province, experts build a whole set of standard operation instructions of geological forecast in the research program.

Experts at the appraisal meeting listen to the program reports and check the technology documents, they agree that the achievement reaches the leading domestic level. Geological Forecast and Operation Technology Regulations of Highway Tunnel in Fujian Province will be edited by IRSM according to the main achievements in the research program.



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