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Project of Research on Tower Foundation Stability Approved
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On April 9, Key Technology of Slope Tower Foundation Stability and Design in Transmission Line Project in Mountainous Heavy Hilly Area, the project jointly accomplished by Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics (IRSM) and  Hubei Electric Survey & Design Institute passes the technology and science achievement appraisal. The appraisal is organized by Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, the appraisal committee consists of 7 experts including Academician ZHANG Chuanyong from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

With the development of power transmission project through the country, the transmission line construction in mountainous heavy hilly areas become inevitable. Hubei Province is surrounded on three sides by mountain areas, mountainous regions comprise 55.5% of the total area in Hubei Province. Therefore power transmission in mountainous regions is important in Hubei Province. In the development of tower foundation construction in slope area, there are several problems to solve, including stability of slope under the load of tower foundation, the computation method of bearing capacity, and the stability of slope tower foundation.

Based on the 500kv power transmission project of Pankou-Shiyan, the new project adopts indoor model testing, theoretical analysis and numerical stimulation methods in the research. The researchers have developed a set of biaxial loadings foundation model testing device. Researchers also put forward searching method of potential slope sliding surface based on maximum shear strain increment, which provides technology support for slope stability judgment. Another achievement of the project is the development of proportion limit coefficient method of slope foundation bearing capacity based on numerical stimulation.

The research achievements in the project have far reaching significance for the development of transmission line design and stability analysis of slope tower foundation.


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