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Deputy Director WANG Qianfeng from China Metallurgical Geology Bureau Visiting IRSM
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On June 20, the Deputy Director WANG Qianfeng and his four colleagues from China Metallurgical Geology Bureau(CMGB) visit Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics(IRSM) to discuss the technology cooperation on safe disposal of solid waste and Ecological Higher Value Application. A meeting is held to communicate on the implementation of the strategical cooperation frame agreement between IRSM and Black Whirlwind Engineering Machinery Company(BWEM). The meeting is hosted by JIAO Yuyong, head of Scientific Research Plan Division. Leaders from IRSM, CMGB and BWEM are present at the meeting.

Director LI Haibo of IRSM expresses warm welcome to the visiting experts. He starts with the introduction of IRSM, its scientific research achievements, Innovation 2020 project and 135 developing plan; and continues by pointing out the emphasis on subject development of solid waste disposal. LI then suggests that IRSM and CMGB should implement the win-win cooperation mode and mechanism as soon as possible. Deputy Director WANG Qianfeng mentions that they will further strengthen the communication and cooperation with IRSM, take full advantages of the technology support of solid waste disposal provided by IRSM, and apply scientific achievements in relevant engineering projects in the near future.

To implement the specific contents in the cooperation frame agreement, the two parties further communicate on the unburdening and restore of informal waste landfill engineering pollution, the integration disposal of sludge modification and solidification, and polluted earth restoration of industrial waste piling field. IRSM and CMGB both agree to initiate cooperation with the sludge water separation and consolidation disposal project. The two parties will take use of their respective advantages and resources, establish comprehensive, deep and long term strategical cooperation, and jointly promote the development of solid waste disposal application technology.

After the meeting, leaders and experts visit Hubei provincial research center platform of safe solid waste disposal and ecological higher value application.

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