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GDCEG, GDJKY and GDSKY Having Investigation and Informal Discussion in IRSM, Wuhan
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 On May 22 and 23, Guangdong Construction Engineering Group(GDCEG), Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research(GDJKY),  and Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resource and Hydropower (GDSKY) visit IRSM (Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics) Wuhan successively, discussing the project progress and successful experiences of scientific research of IRSM, Wuhan. All parties reach a wild consensus about further enhancement of exchange, construction of cooperation mechanism and development advancing. LI Haibo, director of IRSM, Wuhan and KONG Lingwei, vice director of IRSM, Wuhan are both present at the conference with the visiting experts. The symposium is hosted by vice director SHENG Qian, researcher CHEN Congxin, HE Huaijian, XUE Qiang and heads of relevant departments are all present at the symposium.


On May 22, director LI Haibo extends a warm welcome to visiting experts on the symposium between Guangdong Construction Engineering Group, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research and IRSM, Wuhan. LI expects to deepen cooperation and promote the development and construction in rock and soil engineering field through the symposium. Afterwards, vice director SHENG Qian elaborates on the project progress of scientific research, obtained research achievements and the Innovation 2020 program. Professor XU Tianping points out that with the rapid development, great improvement in scientific research ability, and the increasing government investment in scientific research, the development of IRSM, Wuhan will be gradually strengthened. XU also suggests that the communication and cooperation with IRSM, Wuhan should be further strengthened, and scientific research achievements should be applied to basic engineering projects. Then researcher CHEN Congxin and XUE Qiang discuss with visiting experts about the safety evaluation theory and control technology of high risk engineering slope, as well as the disaster prediction and regulation of waste landfill operation process.

On the symposium between IRSM, Wuhan and Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resource and Hydropower held on May 23, professor LI Tie, Chairman of Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resource and Hydropower expresses his gratitude to the warm reception of IRSM, Wuhan; he also expects that both parties will strengthen cooperation, learn from each other and improve together. The two sides communicate about the institute development, management mode and methods of scientific research platform, and scientific research program process on the symposium.

After the symposium, heads of research and test center accompany visiting experts on a visit to relevant equipments of Wuhan IRSM laboratory, introducing the basic conditions of the laboratory systematically, and showing experts the construction and features of IRSM science and technology platform.

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