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Report on Interim Summary For 973 Program Held Successfully
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On July 29th, report on interim summary for 973 Program (Earthquake disaster mechanism and aseismic design theory for underground rock engineering in intensive seismic area) was held in Beijing successfully. This conference aims to check each task completion, adjust and optimize the project settings, funds and personnel allocation, further defined the future study of each project plan and goal.

MOST directors, academician MA Hongqi, academician BAI Yilong, project experts group academician QIAN Qihu, academician ZHENG Shouren, academician ZHONG Denghua, academician DU Xiuli, researcher LI Haibo, researcher LI Xiaojun, etc. Relevant Directors which from MOST Basic Research Management Center, Bureau of Frontier Sciences & Education, Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, and other project team members attend the meeting.

In the meeting, the Chief Scientist reseacher SHENG Qian introduces the overall implementation of the project and phased research results. Person in charge of each project reports each task's completion status, outstanding progress, and the follow-up work plan.

On the basis of reviewing and listening the summary report of project, experts discuss and appraise the project status and research prospect. They affirm the interim results of each project, give valuable comments and suggestion. After the evaluation of experts, expert group members agree that the key scientific problems is clear, project setting is reasonable, work status is great, and successfully complete the preliminary work tasks, part of the work has innovative breakthroughs, shows great research prospect. It lays a good foundation for next three year research work.

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