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The Implement Conference of 2015 National 973 Program Earthquake disaster mechanism and aseismic design theory for underground rock engineering in intensive seismic area is held in Wuhan
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On April 23th, the implement conference of 2015 National Basic Research Program (973 Program) of China Earthquake disaster mechanism and aseismic design theory for underground rock engineering in intensive seismic area, China is held in IRSM. This project’s Ministry of Science and Technology experts Researcher ZHAO Zhendong, from Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, National Academician MA Hongqi, National Academician BAI Yilong, project’s experts group National Academician QIAN Qihu, National Academician ZHENG Shouren, National Academician ZHONG Denghua, China Three Gorges Corporation Professor FAN Qixiang, researcher LI Haibo from IRSM, Professor DU Xiuli from Beijing University of Technology, Professor LIAO Chaohua, from CCCC Second Highway Consultants Co. Ltd, Professor LI Xiaojun, from Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration; project management and support department: Director-General ZHENG Chunbai, from Hubei Province Science and Technology Department, Division Chief ZHANG Hongxiang, from department of Earth Science, Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deputy Division Chief GUO Song, from Hubei Province Science and Technology Department, Supervisor HAN Li, from Department of Basic Research Management Center, Ministry of Science and Technology; the supporting institute experts: researcher FENG Xiating, from international Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, and  Director-General of State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Deputy Director-General researcher YANG Chunhe, researcher ZHENG Hong, researcher WEI Changfu, all from SKLGME, and other experienced experts attend the conference.

Chief scientist, Researcher SHENG Qian from IRSM hosts opening ceremony. Researcher ZHAO Zhendong, Deputy Director-General ZHENG Chunbai, Division Chief ZHANG Hongxiang and HAN Li give the speeches, to congratulate the implement of the project, and introduce 973 program's management system and requirements, hope project management establish good operation mechanism, strengthen team research cooperation, complete tasks and achieve expectations.

Researcher LI Haibo, Professor DU Xiuli, Professor LIAO Chaohua, researcher LI Xiaojun host related ceremonies and subject implement planning reports. Chief scientist researcher SHENG Qian awards letter of appointment to the experts group, sign the task documents with person in charge of each subject, and introduces general situation and implement plan from different aspects (research background, key science problems, research contents, expected goals, overall research plan, etc.). Person in charge of each subject give an implement plan report for each subject from several aspects: key science problems, present situation of domestic and international research, research content, technological route, research plan and progress, the relation between subject and project, and task distribution. People in charge are Professor GAO Yufeng, from Hohai University, Associate Professor ZHAO Mi, from Beijing University of Technology, Professor DAI Feng, from Sichuan University, Associate Professor LIU Yaoru, from Tsinghua University, research SHENG Qian and research YANG Diansen, from IRSM, respectively. Experts have a lively discussion in accordance with the implement plans of project and subject, give advice to the point and precious suggestions in various aspects: relying engineering, focuses of research, communication and cooperation, and task distribution in two years, etc. It is thankful that experts gives valuable comments and views, said by researcher SHENG Qian, and will be based on the suggestions from experts, fix relying engineering, make the key points stand out, refine research plan, wrap up research task. In addition, In addition, project Director-General researcher CHEN Jian, introduces project's management system and requirements from three aspects: project overall organization management pattern, management requirement during the implement, project management standardization documents.

It is reported that this project is undertaken by IRSM, Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, Hohai University, Beijing University of Technology, Wuhan University, Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research, CCCC Second Highway Consultants Co. Ltd, and is officially approved by Ministry of Science and Technology on Mar. 6th this year. The supporting departments of this project are Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hubei Province Ministry of Science and Technology, supporting unit is IRSM, implementation period is from 2015 to 2019.

National Academician MA Hongqi

National Academician BAI Yilong

National Academician QIAN Qihu

National Academician ZHENG Shouren

National Academician ZHONG Denghua

Chief scientist, Researcher SHENG Qian

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