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ICADD-12 held in Wuhan
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From Oct 16th to 19th, ICADD-12 (12th Interntational Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation) was held in Hongshan Hotel, Wuhan. The conference is held once every two years, the famous universities and research institutes in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other countries undertake this conference in turn. ICADD-12 is IRSM declared successfully in ICADD-11, which was held in Fukuoka, Japan, sponsored by ISRM DDA committee, CSRME commission for ground rock engineering, commission for rock dynamic mechanics, undertaken by SKLGME, Dalian University of Technology, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, Wuhan University, Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute, and ITASCA China. Tang Chunan, Jiao Yuyong are the chairmen of the committee, Dang Lincai, Liu Quansheng, Wu Aiqing, Zhao zhiye, Wang Ying are vice chairmen. On Oct 16th, ISRM DDA committee held 2015 annual meeting in IRSM, discussed the research progress in the field of discontinuous medium numerical method, and other important matters of ICADD next sponsors.

Researcher Jiao Yuyong hosted the opening ceremony on 17th, Professor Tang Chunan had the opening speech, the founder of DDA and NMM, Chinese-American scientist Professor Shi Genhua, former vice chairman of ISRM, vice chancellor of Kyoto University Professor Yuzo Ohnish, deputy director of IRSM researcher Sheng Qian, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute Dr. Du Xiaokai, deputy director of SKLGME researcher Zheng Hong, Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute Professor Wu Aiqing, University of Western Australia Professor Ma Guowei, vice President of the institute of civil engineering, Wuhan University Professor Liu Quansheng, Nanyang Technological University Professor Zhao Zhiye were seated in rostrum. Six experts ( Shi Genhua, Yuzo Ohnish, Tang Chunan, Zheng Hong, Ma Guowei, Feng Xiating, respectively) gave the special reports.

In the afternoon of 17th, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Professor Chen Zuyu, and Dalian University of Technology Professor Tang Chunan hosted "Failure Afternoon", ten experts had their special reports, content involves Science China (Rock Fractures and Discontinuities: Modeling and Analysis) which is edited by academician Chen Zuyu. Former vice chairman of ISRM, Monash University Professor Zhao Jian, IRSM researcher Sheng Qian, ISRM DDA committee chairman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev(BGU) Professor Yossef H. Hatzor, Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute Professor Wu Aiqing, Kyushu University Professor Chen Guangqi, University of Arizona Professor Pinnaduwa Kulatilake, Beijing Water Science and Technology Institute Professor Zhang Guoxin, Northeastern University Professor Zhu Wancheng, Tongji University Professor Zhang Zixin and Cai Yongchang, Wuhan University Professor Jiang Qinghui were invited to deliver special reports next two days. China University of Mining and Technology Professor Ju Yang, Changjiang River Scientific Research vice President Professor Lin Shaozhong, HoHai University Professor Wangyuan and other famous scholars were invited to attend the conference and hosted the report.

University of New South Wales Professor Zhao Gaofeng hosted the closing ceremony. Professor Shi Genhua and Yossef Hatzor had closing remarks and announced that ICADD-13 will be held at the University of Western Australia in 2017. At last, Researcher Jiao Yuyong did the conclusion and finished the conference.

There were more than 200 delegates attend the conference, they come from China, America, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, Columbia, more than 50 experts delivered reports, content involved theory and application, discontinuous deformation analysis method, the numerical manifold method and its engineering application. This conference reflects the latest progress in the field across the world.

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