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China-EU NZEC Program Seminar is Held in Wuhan
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On March 12th to 13th, China-EU NZEC Program Seminar is held in Wuhan, it is sponsored by The Administrative Center for China's Agenda21, undertaken by IRSM. This seminar aims to better promote China-EU NZEC (Near Zero Emission Coal) Program, service for CCUS in China, to conclude and popularize NZEC program, strengthen CCUS capability in China. From the petroleum, petrochemical, coal, electric power, cement, manufacturing, CCUS related industry enterprises, Design Institute, research institutes, colleges and universities nearly 90 people attend the seminar.

Deputy Director-General PENG Sizhen and Deputy Director AN Junyong represent Administrative Center for China's Agenda21 and IRSM to give a speech, respectively. PENG Sizhen said, this seminar is an introduction for China-EU NZEC present situation, meanwhile, offers a stage for communication and discussion. He pointed out that the difficulties and challenges reflect the attention and importance, we need to have confidence and faith for development of NZEC. AN Junyong on behalf of IRSM to welcome participant. He pointed out researcher LI Xiaochun do the deep research in the field of CCUS for long time, CCUS becomes one of the research features of IRSM, is main foster direction of "135" planning. Experts in each field participate this seminar, not only affirm the China-EU NZEC project, also make this seminar to become an event in the CCUS field.

In the seminar, authoritative experts not only focus on pre feasibility studies of three projects in second phase, deliver reports from various aspects (technology, economy, environment and risk assessment, facing issues and challenges), also introduce and training in policy and law, cost and finance, risk management, public acceptance, intellectual property and technology transfer etc. aspects. There are 10 reports during the whole seminar, from concepts to projects, focus on requirement, bring CCUS knowledge to participants.

After seminar, there is a Q&A corner. Every industry's expert has a discussion and communication according with the reports. Finally, experts put forward plans for future work.

In the end, Division Chief ZHANG Jiutian represents Administrative Center for China's Agenda21 to give a conclusion. He believed, through the communication of each experts, this seminar strength the capability of CCUS in China, promote each industry's CCUS development, create more opportunities for application and innovation in China.

PENG Sizhen

AN Junyong

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