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Professor Musharraf Zaman from University of Oklahoma Visiting IRSM
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On May 4th, at the invitation of IRSM, Professor Musharraf Zaman from University of Oklahoma attends academic forum, and deliver reports with the title Overview of a Regional Transportation Center: SPTC and Effect of Recycled Materials on Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Mixes. The forum is hosted by researcher JIAO Yuyong from IRSM.

Professor Musharraf Zaman, on the basis of social economy and environment protection, introduces the idea of recycling of pavement materials. Then starting from the mechanical properties (elastic modulus, tensile strength) and material fatigue performance, analyses the asphalt pavement which adds RAS (Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles) and RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) material. After that, Professor Musharraf Zaman introduces the latest research achievements and progress of SPTC (Southern Plains Transportation Center). As the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Geomechanics, Professor Musharraf Zaman also introduces the journal, and encourages scientists to contribute articles to the journal.

Professor Musharraf Zaman achieved Doctor Degree of Civil Engineering in University of Arizona in 1982, after that he has been working in University of Oklahoma. He won a series of teaching and research award at the national level, and won the tenure David Ross Boyd Professorship in University of Oklahoma. In 2003, he won the Aaron Alexander Professor. Since 2005, he served as the deputy dean of the college of engineering, is responsible for research and postgraduate program. During the 30 year that he works in the University of Oklahoma, his total research fund is more than $2,250 billion, published 158 journal articles, 215 conference articles, and 8 books. He also serves as editors for many famous journals. Meanwhile, he is the editor-in-chief of international Journal of Geomechanics.


Professor Musharraf Zaman

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