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Two Researchers from IRSM Selected as Editor of Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
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Recently, researcher LI Shaojun and LI Jianchun from IRSM are selected as editor of SCI international journal Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering.

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering is the most authoritative magazine in international rock mechanics field. Leaded by rock mechanics method, using indoor and site test, numerical simulation and practical engineering as backgrounds, the magazine focuses on solving practical engineering problems. To maintain the authority of the magazine, editors are all famous experts in international rock mechanics field, researcher FENG Xiating, present president of ISRM is one of the editors.

IRSM emphasizes on cultivation of young scientific researchers, supports international cooperation and academic communication of young researchers. With help from senior experts, more young researchers get opportunity to show their research on the international stage.

LI Shaojun is a Ph.D supervisor, he was born in Shaodong County of Hunan Province in September in 1974. LI is now the editor of Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, member of Deep Underground Committee of ISRM, member of the 9th Huber Provincial Mechanics Society. He got Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in 1997 and 2000. In July of 2005, LI got his Ph.D from IRSM of CAS. LI has been working in IRSM since 2000, he had an 1 year academic visit in University of Dundee in U.K. from 2007 to 2008.

LI Shaojun has long been engaged in research on rock deformation and evaluation mechanism and temporal prediction, he sets up comprehensive observation and test method of rock mass deformation and failure process, reveals mechanism of hard rock engineering disaster inoculation and evolution process. LI puts forward dynamic precaution technology of rock burst disaster based on geology and damage information, sets up reliable analysis method of rock engineering stability under multi-factors uncertain conditions. LI has been in charge of 1 project of national 973 projects, 3 projects of National Science Foundation, 1 project of Hubei Provincial Outstanding Young Talent Foundation, and more than 20 other engineering application research projects. He wins 2 Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, 4 First Prize of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress, 1 Second Prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science. Researcher LI has published more than 70 papers in core journals from home and abroad, including 16 SCI journals and 44 EI journals. He got 7 national patents, 3 software copyright, and has published 3 works.

LI Jianchun, member of Hundred Talents Plan of CAS, is a Ph.D supervisor. LI got his Bachelor’s Degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1993, got his Ph.D from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2001. She worked as Research Fellow and Research Scientist in NTU and EPFL from March 2006 to August 2010, she was selected as one of Hundred Talent Plan of CAS after coming back to China. LI engaged in research on theory analysis and numerical calculation method of dynamic response of discontinuous medium, continuous medium model and propagation law of stress wave in rock mass. She is now in charge of two General Projects of National Natural Science Foundation.

Researcher LI Jianchun has long been engaged in rock dynamics research, she puts forward medium models and recursive analysis .In recent 5 years, LI has published 25 papers, 2 English works. She is now the editor of Rock and Soil Mechanics.

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